This heart-intelligent organization holds a vision of health, healing and wholeness for the entire human community. We are committed to stirring people to action by inspiring them to choose peaceful, compassionate and timely food solutions for the good of all.

We strive to honor the sacredness of all life. We celebrate balance, truth and sustainability. Operating as pioneers, we cherish the process of conceiving and embracing visionary ideas. A sense of urgency will prevail in all our work by developing products that we believe will markedly improve lives, with a goal of transforming the World of savory foods.

Deep within the soul of our Company, we are striving to create unique products that may offer real health benefits for people and our Planet Earth. We look forward to accomplishing our big dreams as we are guided by the divine spirit and belief that faith, hope and joy will continue to inspire us to our highest purpose.


It is our wish that the whole food products we offer will improve the health of the global community. Our Mission is to become the leading savory bar producing company on the Planet.  We will educate and inspire our customers through a variety of creative and distinctive modalities with the purpose of reaching a large number of people through our unique marketing and public relations plan.

We will stay focused on the job at hand and endeavor to cultivate wisdom through innovation. While working together in harmony, our Team will define its success by our ability to promote healthy lifestyle choices, relieve human suffering, heal our beautiful Earth, teach our children how to live a healthy life and sustain our Planet for generations to come.

We will promote a shift in consciousness about the foods we eat and how they affect our bodies, the animals and the Planet.

Our Team is committed to carry out our plans, achieve our goals and work together to become a powerful force. As the Company succeeds, we will share our resources to support worthy causes and Change the World with the “Power of Our Forks™".